once upon a long long time ago in a land far far away......but i digress
cyd and the rest of her perfectly normal dysfunctional family sat around the kitchen table discussing all manner of things when the conversation turned to what their respective epitaphs might read. cyd, being one of those people who was always busy with something or other, suggested hers would read: i don't have time for this. cyd's mom got right in on the action, hers would have an arrow pointing to cyd's and read: what she said! thus tombstone ticklerz were born.
of course we none of us considered what the family plot would look like if we didn't follow a prescribed order of departation, but those are details we didn't figure were worth bothering about. at any rate, everyone else went on about their lives as did cyd.

thirteen years later
if you're reading this then it means cyd finally got 'them' on line. she doesn't much like to talk about herself, or get her picture took, but if you ask her for an opinion, well, all you have to do is stroll around the cemetery here to get a notion of what it might be.

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